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Qualify for and obtain student loan forgiveness

A large percentage of student loan holders do not currently qualify for the student loan forgiveness programs that are available. Most of the loan holders that do qualify are currently not enrolled in the forgiveness programs. Chances are your current lender has not mentioned anything about these programs, but we are here to change your situation, get you qualified and enrolled in a student loan forgiveness program. Teachers, military personnel, medical professionals, public servants and certain non profit sector employees do qualify and should take full advantage of these benefits. Don't waste another day in getting qualified and enrolled. Call our professionals today and we will have you on the road to eliminating a partial or full balance of your outstanding student loan debt.

Lower Payment

Reduce your Payments by up to 50% or more, defaulted or not

Having student loan payments that you cannot afford to pay on a monthly basis can lead to  stressful problems. If you are a few months behind and not yet living the nightmare that defaulted student loans brings on, or just can't afford to pay your current monthly payments anymore, call us and we will resolve your situation. We will reduce your payments and give you the relief you need. Under the income-based repayment plans, there is a possibility that your monthly payment could be set at $0.00 for the foreseeable future.

Defaulted Loans

Get all of your student loans out of default

We will restore your defaulted student loans and get them back into good standing, thereby making your life much more manageable. All it takes is a quick call and you will be well on your way to a stress free student loan solution. We at Student Debt Advisor are so confident in our services that if we can't resolve the situation, you don't pay us a thing. No matter what the problems are, or if you want to reduce your student loan payments by up to 50% or more, even though they are not in default, call our professionals and we will get it done. If we cannot restore your student loans, we will waive our fee.

IRS Tax Offset

We will prevent and remove IRS TAX  Liens / Offsets

Having your tax return taken away from you and paid to a lender or guarantor can be financially devastating.  Most people rely on a tax return yearly and not receiving it due to due to a tax lien or offset can cause a financial burden.  Loan Servicers and The Department of Education inform the IRS of your outstanding debts and the IRS will notify you that your return will not be available.  The DOE will take your tax return and apply it to your student loan debt balance.  In most cases it is substantially more than 12 months of payments.  We will stop IRS tax liens. 

Going Back to School

Get you qualified for financial aid to go back to school

Having defaulted student loans makes you ineligible for financial aid.  If you want to go back to school, but have been told you can't because your loans are in default, we can save you time and money to qualify for financial aid eligibility.  Loan Servicers will work with you to get you into a repayment plan for 9-12 consecutive months that will likely have a higher payment than your original monthly payment.  We will restore your defaulted student loans within 60 to 90 days and get you back in school, saving you time, money and stress.  We will restore your eligibility for financial aid.

Wage garnishment

Prevent and Remove Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment is one of the tools that Loan Servicers will use to collect their money. Your employer has no choice but to give them 15% of your wages if a garnishment order is implemented by the servicer. 25% if you have two servicers. In a lot of cases, the servicer will require garnishment payments plus 9-12 months of a rehabilitation payment. The total for all of this could be 40% of your wages just to get your loans in good standing. It does not take a court order, all they have to do is find where you are employed and it is easy to do. We will prevent and remove your wage garnishment. We at Direct Student Loan Relief are so confident in our services, that if we can't resolve your situation, you don't pay us a thing. No matter what the problems are, or if you want to reduce your student loan payments by up to 50% or more, even though they are not in default, call our professionals and we will get it done. If we cannot restore your student loans, we will waive our fee.

Simple Payments

Combine all your confusing payments into one simple montly payment

Are the bills every month from all your different loan servicers overwhelming you? Don't know where to start? We can consolidate them all into one easy payment that, in the vast majority of cases, will save you 50% or more on your monthly payment. Call us today and we will consolidate all your Federal or Private Student Loans into one.

Harassing / Threatening

Put and end to collections agencies threatening letters and harassing phone calls

Loan servicers are quick to hire collection agencies. These agencies will try to collect on your student loans by any means possible. They take a fee, up to 25% of money collected from you. These fees are added to your loan principal. These agencies utilize the tools they have to collect the outstanding debt, such as, harassing phone calls to friends, family, employer, and yourself as well as send threatening letters. All this embarassment and added stress in your life can be overwhelming. In most cases, once they feel you are not working with them, they will quickly attain wage garnishment with your employer and now you are caught in a trap that can go on for years and years. We will put an end to this nightmare today! 

Credit Score

We will help you improve your credit score

Loan Servicers will report your student loan debt to all the credit bureaus once they become delinquent. This can open up a whole world of problems with far reaching consequences. The defaulted loan marks on your credit report will is one of the worst possible blemishes you can get. In many cases, it will make it imposssible to get any credit for a car loan, a credit card and even make it difficult to rent a home, apartment, or even get employment. This will take years to remove from your credit score and can only be done when the balance of your student loans is paid in full or you enter into a costly and lengthy rehabilitation payment plan with the collection agency working on behalf of the Loan Servicer. This can cost you up to an additional 25% in fees on top of your outstanding balance. The rehabilitation plan is not manageable if you cannot afford to make the loan paymens in the first place. We will help you on your way to improving credit score, saving you up to thousands of dollars and months of time, so call us and put an end to this nightmare today!